Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Time for a face lift

...on this blog anyway :). I've decided that with every cake post, there will be stories, either about the person whom the cake was made for, about the person who ordered the cake, about the occasion, or about the making, designing, or "discovering the look" of the cake itself. I'm going to share tips, recipes, how to's, and how NOT to's. I've decided that this is NOT a business for me (and shouldn't we all be thankful for that? Because frankly, all I charge is enough to cover the expenses. I don't make a dime off these cakes, and even more realistically, I probably lose a couple of dimes on them), so PLEASE keep asking me to make them. I can't just make a cake for no reason. And my family can't eat all the cakes I want to make. And I'll share with you what I do and learn along the way. Deal? (Hello? Anyone out there? **crickets**).
I'm even going to go back and start adding stories and probably more how NOT to's than how to's on the cakes already on here. Have a favorite? Watch for it's story, coming soon :).

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