Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Wee Bit O' Irish Luck

My family has a strong Irish roots, and strong Irish pride. So when my brother turned 30, with a birthday in March, his wife decided he needed a surprise party with an Irish theme. This cake needed to be Irish with out being St. Patrick's. My family debates on whether my brother's beer of choice is Guinness simply because it's Irish. I vote yes. I decided on a black base to make it more for a "man" and then added a Guinness and Celtic knots.And of course I couldn't resist writing a limerick. It can't be all serious you know.

"There once was a man named Billy

Who was as good as they come, really

And when he turned 30

He felt very flirty

Oh now isn't that Billy silly"

I tried to decided whether to make him flirty or dirty... :) I love the black on black Celtic knots around the sides. A "how to" on the bottle cap, it's really easy, I just pinched the fondant after I trimmed it.

1 comment:

  1. I love it! You're so talented! I think I'm going to call on you for my son's birthday in August - if that's okay! :) My youngest son's birthday is in January and I know he'll need you. This last January he wanted an ELK cake. UMMMM. Can you tell he's a hunter at heart? All camo and nature. ha.
    Keep it up. I love your work!! xox