Sunday, March 6, 2011

Oreo cookie

I actually have a different idea for this Oreo cake... one that involves a slab of ice cream as the middle layer. Of course it would have to be assembled by the person who orders it because if I assemble it and put it in the freezer, the fondant will freeze rock hard. :) And I mean rock hard, don't drop it on any toes.
So this cake was made with an 8 inch round pan cut in half for the cookie, and a 6 inch round pan for the center. I debated on whether to brace it or not. (bracing is using cardboard cake rounds and wooden dowels to keep the cake from sinking on under it's own stacked up weight, the dowels actually hold the weight under the cardboard. Need a better description? I sure would. Look here, it even has pictures). I wondered, where it wasn't the usual looking layered cake, and was acting more as a whole cake, if the cardboard would ruin the effect of having it be a whole cookie, so I opted to not brace it, allowing the cake to be cut as a whole. The outcome? Slightly tilted, but it held just fine.

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