Sunday, May 2, 2010

Seattle Seahawks

A neighbor wanted this for her son's 20th birthday... he's avid into the Seahawks. My first helmet... I needed to cut the length in half, it's very elongated. As luck has it, I have another football cake, this time for the Saints, coming up, so I get to try it again. This time I'll have a better idea of how to carve it. Overall I'm happy with the logo and the field. I made the face mask out of gumpaste and let it dry over night, but it turned out that wasn't long enough. I broke when I tried to put it on the next morning. And crumbled with all my efforts to put it together again. With my neighbor coming to pick it up I was able to use a support of florist wire and toothpicks to make a fresh face mask. This cake was a good learning experience!

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