Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lightning McQueen, Ka-chow!

My friend asked me to do a Lightning McQueen cake for her son's bday next weekend. But then she sent me a text Thursday asking for it this weekend instead. I already had the Batman cake I needed to do, and we had plans to go out of town. I told her I would do it if I could. But after battling the bratty Batman cake I knew I wasn't going to get the Cars cake done. But I've know this friend FOREVER so I told her I would do it while we were gone and bring back with me for her to have. Which I did.
And it worked just fine until... the whole entire side of it melted from the sun. This is definitely getting racked up to one of my "cake disasters"! I tried my best to make it look OK for my friend, who said she loved it any way. Here's the final tweaked result: This cake was milk chocolate with cookies n'cream filling.


  1. Ha ha it was great, THANKS, SO MUCH11 He was SO excited for his ka-chow cake!

  2. Holy cow Steph- that cake is completely awesome.