Monday, March 22, 2010

Peace, Love, and cake

To sum Alle up, peace, love, and indie about do it. About. She's also brilliant, sweet, a firecracker, and amazing on all levels. But for the cake's sake, we'll stick with peace and love. Which of course means the cake itself has to be tie-dyed. (Hopefully Alle sends me a pic of the inside after she cut it so we can all see it :)). I took a few pictures of this cake because there were little details all over it that I loved. I'm in love with this cake.


  1. SENIOR! I am IN LOVE with this cake too! Thank you soooo much! What an amazing way to start off my birthday! Thanks for all the amazing hard work you put into this. You are TRULY talented and I can't wait to show everyone this picture and tell them how amazing you are! You will surely get a lot of business from this :) Junior has all the pics as we cut into the cake (which was delicious, too, by the way) so be sure to get them from her... it was SO cute inside! :) Thanks again!